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Eight years since the last release in 2007, Ionosphere has now returned with its third full length album. It follows the path of previous works focusing on deep, shivering, cosmic sound waves and moves further with the inclusion of an emotional core. Expansive drones, drifting melodic soundscapes, ominous sonic undertones and vocal transmissions intersect with densely concentrated rhythmic pulsations that emphasize the sculptural nature and deep atmospheric scope of the 11 tracks.’Nightscape’ is a soundtrack that transports the listener on an epic journey far away into spaces and environments where lights and noises move and circulate slowly while the night embraces everything.

Comes in elegant 6-panel digi-sleeve

Watch the World
Polarized Light
Radio Altitude
Vast Winds From Beyond
Ephemeral Lights
The Silence Underneath
Orbit Determination
Xi Scorpii
Sagan Station
Into Endless Night









Neurotransmitter Actions CD  order@deep-audio

Originally released in 2000 this long sold out collaboration work is now available again and brings back some fine piece of well crafted deep sounding electronica from Italy. The BAD SECTOR tracks of Massimo Magrini building up again a sonic cathedral of sub-harmonic drones and rhythms while Paolo Bandera of SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS/SIGILLUM S dissects precisely the frequency oscillation and adds an intense and contemplative manifest of digital noise to the second part of this split-work. This is an outstanding example in sound research by two of the most important masterminds of the Italian electronic music scene.

The CD is presented in a beautiful cardboard package with bronze-foil print.

01.Silence (0:11)
02.Bad Sector -Neural Broadcaster (7:35)
03.Bad Sector -Dopamine 6U47 (5:13)
04.Bad Sector -Spikes Oscillation (8:40)
05.Bad Sector -Substance 05 (4:30)
06.Bad Sector /Sshe Retina Stimulants -Osmosis(8:04)
07.Sshe Retina Stimulants -Myelinicka Lassitude By Total Peak (2:58)
08.Sshe Retina Stimulants -Ultima Rental From Entropy (4:46)
09.Sshe Retina Stimulants -Gauze Surfing, Next (4:41)
10.Sshe Retina Stimulants -Distant Domain Of Volume (9:30)
11 Sshe Retina Stimulants -Remaining Over Limited Hope (1:41)



V.A. INCENDIUM IV CD  order@deep-audio

The fourth part in the LOKI/PAS label series! Tracks taken from latest releases plus 3 tracks from forthcoming albums and a mindblowing live version of Bad Sectors AMPOS which is unreleased so far.

001 NORTHAUNT If Only My Heart Were Stone (excerpt)
002 CIRCULAR Retreat From Reality
003 INADE The Collision Of Conscience
004 HERBST9 Kima Šuškalli Ukattimanni Šittu
005 FJERNLYS Revelation
006 S.E.T.I. Powder Canyon
007 BAD SECTOR Ampos – Live
008 FIRST LAW Low Spirits Meme (excerpt)
009 PREDOMINANCE Pandemonia Dawning
010 IONOSPHERE Polarized Light
011 SVARTSINN Ashes Of The Late World (excerpt)
012 LAND:FIRE Causing
013 BAD SECTOR October 4, 1957
014 S.E.T.I Final Trajectory (excerpt)

001 from The Borrowed World CD & LP   PAS 34
002 from Radiating Perpetual Light CD LOKI 59
003 from Audio Mythology Two CD & LP LOKI 60
004 from Ušumgal Kalamma 2xCD LOKI 56
005 from forthcoming album
006 from Baikal CD PAS 31
007 unreleased live version / original track from Ampos CD PAS 17
008 from A Future so Bright CD LOKI 58
009 from forthcoming album
010 from forthcoming album
011 from The Borrowed World CD & LP  PAS 34
012 from Incandescent Sonic Lodge CD PAS 36
013 from Kosmodrom 2xCD PAS 33
014 from Final Trajectory CD PAS 35



LAND:FIRE Incandescent Sonic Lodge CD order @ deep-audio

Re-edition of two limited CD-Rs from 2006/07 that were available on the band´s own label SWT. This edition includes the maxi CD “Incandescent” and the “Live At Sonic Lodge” CD, both originally released in very small numbers only. Now available again in a remastered and polished form. A purging, extreme listening experience that’ll leave you feeling as though you’ve just gone over an abandoned area of sonic assaults and monstrously frequency manipulation. ‘Incadescent Sonic Lodge’ is resoundingly bleak and characterised by biting distortion rhythm, with noise-oscillators and disfigured vocal samples floundering around the mix at every turn. This is another claustrophobic soundtrack of Land:Fire with dark atmospheres and fear loaded electronics with deep ambient soundscapes under it´s sonic surface.

Mastered at Secretlab.
6- panel digifile


Pt1: 130_52k6_19’47”500
Pt2: 140_52k6_20’13”437






This year you won’t find our stall at the AGRA area. We will open our office/studio for three days during the festival. Right now we are changing the rooms into a store/venue. Our store is located at Dufourstrasse 15. It is pretty close to all the WGT hotspots in the centre and and the South of Leipzig (5 min walk from Tram-station Südplatz).

The opening hours:
Saturday, June 7th 12:00 – 18:00
Sunday, June 8th 12:00 – 18:00
Monday, June 9th 12:00 – 15:00

In store-concerts:
Saturday, June 7th 15:00 – Henry Emich/Herbst9 – deep ambient solo performance
Sunday, June 8th 15:00 – Circular

There is only a limited number of seats for the concerts (approx. 35). Be there in time if you want to join it. Entrance is free for all visitors (not depending on a WGT-wristband).

Feel free to come and browse our full stock, checking new releases (tba soon!), listen to some good music and having a drink.

/// /// /// ///   check at facebook events too    /// /// /// ///

Dieses Jahr werden wir keinen Stand auf der AGRA machen. Dafür öffnen wir aber unser Büro/Studio für drei Tage während des Festivals. Im Moment bauen wir dafür gerade um, damit rechtzeitig ein schöner Laden/Veranstaltungsort fertig wird.

Unser Laden befindet sich in der Dufourstraße 15 und ist parallel zur Liebknechtstr. gelegen (5 Minuten Fußweg von der Haltestelle Südplatz entfernt).

Die Öffnungszeiten:
Samstag, 7. Juni 12:00 – 18:00
Sontag, 8. Juni 12:00 – 18:00
Montag, 9. Juni 12:00 – 15:00

In store-concerts:
Saturday, June 7th 15:00 – Henry Emich/Herbst9 – deep ambient solo performance
Sunday, June 8th 15:00 – Circular

Es gibt nur eine begrenzte Anzahl an Plätzen (ca. 35). Seid zeitig genug da, um den Konzerten beiwohnen zu können. Der Eintritt is frei. Es wird kein WGT-Bändchen benötigt.

Kommt vorbei, durchstöbert unseren kompletten Bestand, sichert Euch neue LOKI-Veröffentlichungen (Info folgt noch), hört gute Musik und für Getränke ist auch gesorgt.



Audio Mythology Two LP/CD 
Audi Mythology Two CD  order

The soul of Eternity has a voice. It has a smile that radiates dreams of ancient origin. Its yawn is vast and perilous: to view it is to sacrifice sanity. Infinite eons have passed through its throat, sometimes latticed with tectonic cosmic rumbles, sometimes threaded with dissonant whispers of devious design.
It is a place where Desolation strangles Hope with withered fingers.  The soul of Eternity has a voice. It is pure sound convulsion; it is harsh sound vibration. It speaks through Inade. Though its playground is beyond conception, where space and beyond space merge, the foundation for translation is cultivated here, on Earth, by the Masters of Dark Ambient, Inade. Audio Mythology II collects more loose strands and bleak, back-alley diversions, and gives them life. This is the breath of lost souls as they sigh, of shadows as they break into song, of unimaginable gods as they murmur and scheme.
The saga of Sonic Pioneers continues with the second part of the collection from the archive of INADE´s sound work. This release focusses on re-structured session material (1997-2011), V.A. compilation tracks (2006-2009, partly re-worked) and finalised studio recordings of live backing tracks (2012-2013).

Available as limited vinyl edition with a different track order and mixing. The Cd will be included as well in slip case with the vinyl.
Edition of 300 copies.

The regular and unlimited CD-edition comes in jewel case and 16-pg booklet.

Mastered by Andreas Wahnmann/SECRETLAB.

The God´s Script
The Collission of Conscience
The Revelation Lies Hidden
Babylon Encoded
Virescit Volnere Virtus
A Symmetric Dream
Three Million Minds





Thanks to all bands, the audience and the helping hands to make that event so brilliant. Some nice photo shots from GAndy can be found here.








Final Trajectory CD  order / info

The new album of Andrew Lagowski’s S.E.T.I. begins as a colossal sound wall, like a massive electrical transformer, out of which analogue and digital synthesizer sounds and samples emerge, condense, and crossfade into a deep ambient symphony. The recordings and textures produced over 30 years from 1983-2013 converge in ‘Final Trajectory’ to produce a collection of monolithic sounds. Invoking a sense of immensity with warm and dark atmospheric loops sounding distant and abandoned in a vast wilderness, battling against galactic winds. S.E.T.I. sets the listener down in this wilderness as an isolated observer; a witness to long intertwining drones, shattered dialogue and broken transmissions, with superior effects chains and a gentle rising dramaturgy forcing the complete album to an astonishing pure data vortex.

As the Voyager spacecraft reaches the outer edge of our Solar System it is a fitting time to imagine the exodus from Earth of the last human being on their final trajectory towards an unknown future. There has been little effort made to prepare psychologically for this one way trip and hallucinatory voices and sounds flit around the traveller, mingling with those of the craft’s entertainment, propulsion and life support systems. Life memories, encounters and events break through the cracks of rational thought like dream fragments, in bursts of barely unrecognisable data. As the craft passes through the mid point of our planetary system on its way out, the occupant thinks they hear a message being transmitted from Earth on the permanently scanning radio receiver.….

Will this be real in our lifetimes? Is the craft being built already in the knowledge that we have little time left on this planet?
If so, where to next?

Released in 6-panel digifile.

Tracklist: 1. Final Trajectory 58:00





The Borrowed World LP/CD   order / info
The Borrowed World CD      order/info

Inspired by Cormac Mc Carthy´s novel ‘The Road’, the two Norwegian masterminds Haerleif Langas and Jan Roger Petterson joined forces to create this stunning split album. This release brings finally new recordings since Northaunt´s ‘Horizon’ from 2006 and Svartsinn´s ‘Elegies for the End’ from 2009 (both CDs released on Cyclic Law).
‘The Borrowed World’ is the soundtrack for a world in decay, directed by the emotive and grandly melancholic signature of both projects. This is isolationist ambient music that unfolds its meditative atmosphere with majestic and melodic waves of droning sounds, environmental field recordings from the icy landscapes of the deepest North and magnificent Cello recordings of Amund Ulvestad.

The ashes of the late world carried on the bleak and temporal winds to and fro in the void. Carried forth and scattered and carried forth again. Everything uncoupled from it’s shoring. Unsupported in the ashen air. Sustained by a breath, trembling and brief. If only my heart were stone.

The vinyl version comes in gatefold cover and  includes the CD as well in slip case. Limited to 300 copies. The regular CD edition comes in 6-panel digifile.

1. ’If Only My Heart Were Stone.’  Music by Northaunt. 
Recorded Jan.2011 – Sept.2013.
2. ‘Ashes Of The Late World.’  Music by Svartsinn.
Cello by Amund Ulvestad.
Recorded Nov.2010 – Oct.2013.



BAD SECTOR & INADE Live in Leipzig, December 14th:



front klein

Kosmodrom CD/T-SHIRT BOX
Kosmodrom CD order @ deep-audio

Originally released in 2005 as a limited CD and CD/MCD edition which has long since sold out. Now available again – remastered and expanded! The 2xCD box includes the original album and the MCD with five extra tracks, which turns the second disc into an additional full length release. Includes 12-page booklet.

In BAD SECTOR’s 20 years of existence Massimo Magrini has developed a sound aesthetic of harmonious sonic drones that marked its beginning with the first album AMPOS in 1995. Many releases and a decade later the ground breaking work KOSMODROM was published and sold out within a few months. Dedicated to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the Russian pioneer of astronautic theory, the key element in BAD SECTOR´s music (bringing together science and sound) was brought into the foreground with this release. Original Soviet sound devices like the Aelita synthesizer and the electro-optical ANS (which Coil also worked with) were mixed with heavily processed sources from space missions, adding an unearthly human dialogue to the electronics. The sounds on KOSMODROM are deep and droning, pulsating and constantly flowing with processed rhythmic sequences, supported by a bed of radio signal recordings. A timeless masterpiece of deep ambient electronica!

CD ONE 01 energiya 02 telemetry 03 june 16, 1963 04 baikonur 05 extravehicular 06 vjezna 07 orbiter 08 beacon 09 april 12, 1961 10 kosmos

CD TWO 01 oktober 4, 1957 02 extravehicular 2 03 cosmos 69 04 plesetsk 05 almaz 06 zvezdi 07 kapustin yar 08 tchaika 09 extravehicular 3