Music and space – a direct relationship has to be defined here: Music unfolds in space, but also simultaneously creates a new virtual space: THE SOUND SPACE. Entirely independent from this rather general association, there exists another specific circumstance: AMBIENT.

LOKI-FOUND is a pioneering independent German record label, founded in the Ore Mountains of South Germany in 1991, notable for discovering some of the more enduring artists in drone tunes and deep ambient music.

In 1998, the label moved its operation to Leipzig along with its studio Light Channel, physical music & merchandise online store Deep-Audio.

LOKI-FOUND and the sub-label PAS went on to release a series of experimental electronic music releases by artists such as INADE, BAD SECTOR, S.E.T.I., BLOOD BOX, FIR§T LAW, FJERNLYS, ANTLERS MULM, CIRCULAR, PHELIOS, IONOSPHERE, PREDOMINANCE and many more.

Since early 2000 to now LOKI-FOUND is curating the concert series Sonic Lodge at Leipzig’s Gallery Of Contemporary Arts and the infamous club Die Nato.

LOKI-FOUND showcases were celebrated around the world from Paris to New York and from Moscow to Zurich.

So watch out for future events!

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